Where are you based?

Title Pieces moves around the world quite a bit, but currently we are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Can I request bookmarks?

Yes! We regularly ask for requests on our instagram page. Just shoot us a DM and we'll add it to the list.

Do you do custom orders?

Absolutely! TitlePieces has done four custom orders: three with an author and another with a teacher. We did foiled pieces and the end results was gorgeous! A page is coming up soon for more information and examples of these works, as well as a "menu". If you'd like to know more now, send us an e-mail or DM on instagram.

When will bookmarks be back in stock?

Request your favourite out-of-stock bookmarks. It's all supply and demand ;-)

Why haven't my bookmarks arrived yet?

COVID has seriously delayed shipping around the world and I really thank you for your patience and understanding in this case.

Can I pay for tracked shipping?

You could... but I wouldn't recommend it. Tracked shipping from Australia to international countries costs from AU$15-20. If you are still interested in getting tracked or expedited shipping, please message me and we can sort it out.

How can I support you?

Follow @TitlePieces on instagram, share and tag your bookmarks, favourite our store on Etsy, and leaving reviews are the best way to help support this small bookish shop!